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Welcome to the Hopper Haven GARDEN

Who we are

Hopper Haven is a Registered Animal Welfare Charity that specialises in rabbits and guinea pigs. We were established in January 2006. Charity Number 1118269.

What we do

We take in and care for older rabbits and guinea pigs or those with problems that mean they are not suitable for rehoming. We do not rehome from here.

Where we are

Hopper Haven is located in a large Sanctuary Garden in Redditch, Worcestershire in the UK. Our address is 557 Evesham Road, Crabbs Cross, B97 5JP. Please use the car park across the road.

Current Occupancy

As of August 2019 we have 85 animals: 6 guinea pigs in 2 groups and 78 rabbits in 34 groups of from 1 to 6 members.

About Us


Hopper Haven is an animal welfare charity specialising in rabbits and guinea pigs. We are a registered charity located in Redditch, Worcestershire in the UK.

We provide a safe haven for the animals in our care to live out their lives in as natural a way as possible in the Sanctuary Garden. We do not rehome from here. Once here the animals are home, forever.

We have places for up to 20 guinea pigs and up to 100 rabbits depending on how large the groups are which depends on the temperaments and needs of the individual animals living here at any given time. We have a variety of housing suitable for animals with varying degrees of mobility.

We take in those animals which are not suitable for rehoming to live as a pet due to age or special needs arising from behavioural issues such as agression or extreme nervousness, health or dental problems or having a long or difficult to manage coat. We do not normally take in young healthy confident friendly animals.


Read the latest news, all the
New security arrangements because we were robbed
Last week someone came around the back during the night and stole £75 and our new drill that we had just paid £100 for as...
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Summer 2019
The year seems to be flying by. It feels as if summer is already over with the weather we are currently having. So much rain!...
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Three bondings, so far so good…didn’t last:(
I put Hamish with Robin and Mallow with Goose, Filbert and Bilberry last week and these seem to be going well so today I am...
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More New Arrivals 2019
Hamish came to us because he had badly infected tear ducts and facial scalding which hadn't gone away despite veterinary treatment. That together with his...
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Glorious Day for the Open Day, but quiet
The weather simple couldn't have been better, the Apple blossom actually opened during the event and Clyde was in top form, all we lacked was...
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Happy 8th Birthday Fern
Fern was born at the sanctuary eight years ago after her mother Violet was brought to us pregnant after having already had one accidental litter....
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Easter Saturday – Open Day
Saturday 20th April Noon - 4pm As many of you know we have been closed to visitors over the winter. We would like to welcome...
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Basil’s ten year Anniversary.
Basil first came to us on New Year's Eve 2008. He was found straying in a park in Birmingham on a very cold night. We...
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Support Us


Here are just some of the ways you can help Hopper Haven help needy rabbits and guinea pigs.


It costs roughly £50 a day to keep Hopper Haven running, so we are in constant need of funds. Come along and help with one of our fundraisers or do one of your own for us. Contact Caroline via our facebook page to volunteer to fund raise.


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Send us a donation towards our running costs.

Cheques should be made payable to Hopper Haven.

Or use our bank details which can be found on the sponsorship form to donate through online banking. When you donate via your own bank you don’t have to register with any extra platform, giving your data away to them with all the risks involved and no fee or commission is taken out of your donation so we can use it all to help the animals. We don’t see any of your banking or other information, just an abbreviated version of your account name.

Donate via a card or Paypal using Virgin Money:

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving


This is our main source of funding. It costs approx £10 a month to feed, bed and care for each animal in our care. If you sponsor an animal in full or in part you can visit them on Saturdays during our normal opening hours, between 11am and 3pm. Sponsorship can be done by monthly standing order into our bank account, or by giving us a lump sum to cover a specific time period. If you are willing to support us this way download our sponsorship form. You can use the bank information on it to donate via online banking or fill in the standing order mandate to give to your bank. Or you can use Virgin’s non proffit giving platform to set up a monthly payment:

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

If you are considering sponsoring you can visit us on a Saturday between noon and 3pm to choose an animal to sponsor and to see what we do.

Gift Aid

– if you give or have given us a donation and are a tax payer please make sure to give us a gift aid form so we can claim back the tax.


Come along to the sanctuary on a Saturday between 10am and 3pm and get stuck in mucking out runs, filling water bowls, sweeping etc. Volunteers need to be over 18, able to work independently and able to commit to coming regularly. It doesn’t involve bunny or piggie cuddling, or feeding, or any of the fun things people often imagine. Mostly it involves poo.Our animals produce a lot of it and we have to deal with it no matter what the weather. Before contacting us think about whether lugging buckets of poo about is what you really want to be doing in freezing cold weather!

Donate Vegetables or Fruit or Picked Dandelions and Grass

Help keep our critters happy by bringing us fresh fruit or veg you find on sale or can scrounge from your local shop, orchard or allotment. Or that you can forage from a clean area. Any offerings can be left in the porch or by the conservatory or brought around to the back gate on a Saturday between 11am and 3pm if you would like to meet the recipients.

New Arrivals

Meet our most recent
R7/19 Robin
Robin is a harlequin half lopped buck with most unusual colours and patchwork markings. We don't know how old he is or anything else...
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R6/19 Hamish
Hamish is a big steel lionlop buck born in 2013. He came to us in May 2019 because he has infected tear ducts that...
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R5/19 Hector
Hector is a black and white min-rex buck born in 2013. He came to us because he is rather agressive and his owners were...
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R4/19 Filbert
Filbert is a harlequin lop buck born in 2009 who came to us in April 2019 with two other old bucks who sadly are...
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Sorrel R1/19
Sorrel is a very small black wild rabbit who came to us from the RSPCA when it became clear that she wasn't suitable for...
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Susie GP1/19
Susie is an agouti and white female guinea pig born in 2014 who came to us in March 2019 after her sister died so...
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Smudge GP7/18
Smudge came to us in November 2018 after losing her long term companion. Her people didn't want her to be on her own.
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Nix R42/18
Nix is one of the smaller shyer members of Red Currant's litter. She is the closest to Sprinkle's size and tends to hang back...
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Blizzard R41/18
Blizzard is the most curious of Red Currant's offspring. She is always the one watching you or chatting to the neighbours. The other day...
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EveryBun and EveryPig Arriving …

Everything Hoppenin …

Everything We Have Posted …

Nutbrown R50/06

Nutbrown is both our longest term and our oldest resident. He first came to us in June 2006 with his sisters Marigold and Tulip. They were an accidental litter produced after their mother, who was a rex, escaped and did what rabbits are notorious for with an undoubtedly handsome wild …

R6/19 Hamish

Hamish is a big steel lionlop buck born in 2013. He came to us in May 2019 because he has infected tear ducts that require constant treatment. When he arrived his face was scalded and sore but it soon cleared up with proper management. His coat is also exceedingly thick …

Three bondings, so far so good…didn’t last:(

I put Hamish with Robin and Mallow with Goose, Filbert and Bilberry last week and these seem to be going well so today I am trying Dandelion with Tia and Siyah. My knack for bonding seems to have deserted me. None of these bondings worked properly. Dandelion had a huge …

New arrivals 2019

On Sunday we took in three old rabbits. Update April 17th. Anemone and Parsley are getting along marvelously although his health isn’t good. They are outside in a shed. Mallow is being bonded with Cocoa and Chestnut which is going fairly well but needs time. Filbert is eating again and …

Blizzard R41/18

Blizzard is the most curious of Red Currant’s offspring. She is always the one watching you or chatting to the neighbours. The other day I discovered her sitting on their hutch because she had managed to scramble over the fence between them and then had jumped up there to get …

Thank You

Thank you for your interest and support. We need your help to help them. A society is only as good as the support its weakest members get. So the way we treat the small animals that we take into our homes and lives is surely a good measure of the quality of our society overall. Thank you for helping us to raise the standard and illustrate what is possible.