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Please consider sponsoring an animal at Hopper Haven. Sponsorship is our main funding source. Without it we could not continue to provide for the animals in our care. If you like what we do please consider supporting us this way. It means everything to the animals we are able to take in. Sponsoring can be ideal if you would like an animal but do not have the room or the time necessary to care for one yourself, or if you would like to help more than you have room for. It allows you to visit the Sanctuary any Saturday afternoon. All money donated goes to the care of the animals, to buy feed, bedding, other basic supplies and to pay for veterinary care, maintenance and other essentials. We are a small charity trying to make a big difference to the lives of as many animals as we can. We have only a small number of supporters so you can be assured the difference your donation makes is proportionally a large one.

Sponsorship ties the help you give us to a particular animal so that you can feel more involved. It costs us 5 a month to feed and bed each animal, so this is the basic monthly sponsorship amount. A full sponsorship to cover care costs as well as the basic ones is 10 per month. You can follow the life of your particular friend during the time they spend with us. You will be welcome to visit them any Saturday and to bring them healthy treats. (Dandelions, or other foraged leaves or grass are always a favourite, or pieces of cut veg such as carrots or cabbage. We do not feed commercial treats as they are bad for a herbivore's digestion.)

Our sponsorship scheme differs from those at other sanctuaries in that we seek a sponsor for each animal rather than multiple sponsors for a few. We feel that ours is a preferable approach in that you can really feel a connection with your sponsor animal. You are able to visit them every week if you wish to, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are directly providing what they need. Of course some animals are happier than others about interacting with humans. If you intend to visit every week we will steer you to sponsor a friendly animal that is happy to interact.

Of course it would be much easier to prepare just a few updates and send them to multiple sponsors; this is the downside of our system. The website entries for each animal will be kept up to date as far as possible. Beyond that we have found it is far more practical to answer individual queries than to find the time to make and send out a full newsletter. If you would like a further update please request one by email whenever you want, we are happy to share their lives with you this way. Or we can fill you in when you visit.

Potential sponsors are welcome to visit the sanctuary on a Saturday to meet the animals and choose their sponsor animal.

Sponsorship is most convenient via standing order, but if preferred you could sponsor in a lump sum by cheque or cash. A basic sponsorship is 5 a month, a full one is 10 a month.

To sponsor please print out and fill in our sponsorship form and return it to us, along with the gift aid form included if you are a taxpayer so we can claim gift aid, and either give the standing order form to your bank, or use online banking to set up a standing order using our details:

Account Name: Hopper Haven

Bank: Unity Trust Bank PLC Nine Brindley Place Birmingham B1 2HB

Sort code: 608301
(**Please note this has changed.**)

Account: 20180515

When visiting the Sanctuary please use the car park across the road. Please don't park on the side road up towards the flats as our neighbours get very annoyed by this. The entrance to the Sanctuary is around the back of the house. Please come in through the gate by the conservatory and ring the bell by the second gate loudly. The place is large and it can be hard to hear people so be persistant. There is always someone here. The address is 557 Evesham Road, Crabbs Cross, Redditch, B97 5JP.

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