Before you contact us please bear in mind:

  • We do not rehome, once here animals are in their forever home.
  • As we are currently overcapacity we will not be able to take in any more animals this year. We recommend you try Fat Fluffs if you need to surrender rabbits or Wythall Animal Rescue or local RSPCA branches Mid-Worcestershire or Walsall or Blue Cross Bromsgrove for rabbits or guinea pigs.
  • We don’t get many vacancies and when we have room we prioritise older animals or those with problems. We are unlikely to take in young, healthy friendly animals with easily maintained coats. Send us your grumpy, agressive, scruffy, matted, nervous, old or unhealthy animals but find a rehoming centre for those with better chances of finding a new home.
  • Volunteering at the Sanctuary doesn’t involve feeding or cuddling animals. It mostly involves tidying up or fixing things. Jobs like path sweeping, removing poo from runs,  and washing bottles and bowls. Or repairing gates or fences or blocking holes or taking off/putting on covers or other seasonal jobs. We need people who can come regularly no matter what the weather and who are willing to get stuck in and get dirty without much supervision. One off offers won’t be accepted as it takes longer to show people what to do and check they have done it than it does to simply do it yourself.
  • We don’t take children or people who need supervision as volunteers. (Although given someone willing to volunteer as Volunteer Supervisor this could change.)
  • We already have more than enough hutches, bowls, bottles, carriers, cages and other paraphernalia and are unable to take more.
  • We only use A&P Natural Rabbit pellets and Harringtons Guinea Pig Pellets and baled, not plastic wrapped hay and we don’t give our residents dry treats so offers of donations of other dry foodstufffs will not be accepted. (Fruit or veg or fresh herbs or foraged greenery is always gratefully accepted however.)
  • We can’t give specific health advice without seeing the animal concerned, as there are too many variables. If it is non urgent you can bring the rabbit or guinea pig to the Sanctuary on any Saturday between noon and 3pm. For something more urgent come to the Sanctuary with the animal and ring the bell by the conservatory loudly and persistently at any time during daylight to make sure you are heard, but only come if doing so won’t prevent you from getting the animal to a vet afterwards if it is necessary.
  • We don’t employ people so don’t send us your cv.
  • We never buy anything from spam and don’t hire fundraisers so don’t bother bothering us.
How to contact us

Rabbits don’t use telephones. They thump and wriggle their noses or flick their ears. As that won’t work long distance we suggest that you email us. Our email address is:

enquiries AT 

Sorry I had to remove the contact form as I was getting a lot of unpleasant spam through it. Just put an @ instead of AT to make the email address work.

I know it is difficult to contact us. I apologise for it but perhaps an explanation would clarify things somewhat. I have Aspergers syndrome and have difficulty with communication. I find social nuances difficult and often phrase things in ways people don’t seem to like. I apologise if I upset you either by neglecting to say something you think I should say or by saying something that seems rude. I simply wasn’t born with the usual social communication software that most people have preinstalled. I find all communication stressful and usually feel more like running away and hiding down a rabbit hole than doing it so please be gentle with me!

I am afraid it is no more use trying to phone me than the rabbits as I can’t abide the things. I don’t have a mobile and I don’t answer the house phone. If you want to get in contact you need to use email. Please don’t try to find a phone number as the only one here belongs to the house not the Sanctuary and my mother had a stroke last year and can’t traipse about looking for me or even take a message. And don’t ask me to phone you. I won’t. I just won’t. Sorry, but that is just how it is.

If I appear not to have answered your email query it may be because my reply has gone into your junk folder. Please check this before contacting us repeatedly. Or you may have misspelled enquiries, it is easily done! Or I might be considering your request. Or I might be outside with the animals and just haven’t seen it yet. Or you may have asked for something we can’t help with such as wanting to adopt an animal (we don’t rehome) or you want a job (we don’t employ people)  or you want your child  to volunteer (we don’t take child volunteers) so I am avoiding answering in case I give offense by implying you should have read the website before asking, which although it seems obvious and is only stating a fact seems to be a bad thing to say. Above all please be patient, this isn’t an office with someone being paid to sit at a desk answering queries. I deal with email when I get a chance to sit down for a few minutes and certainly don’t get paid for doing it. I am not particularly good at it but I try to do it for the sake of the animals.