Monica GP1/18


Monica (and Gordon)

Monica is a lovely unusual grey and white little female guinea pig. She came to us in January 2018 after her companion died as her owner did not want her to be alone. She was born in 2012 and so is possibly our oldest current resident. She has made herself quite at home and obviously really enjoys mooching about sampling the various fruits and veggies we feed them. She lives in Gordon’s village.

Meg GP5/17



Meg is a black and ginger female guinea pig born in 2016. She came to us with her companion Pom Pom in 2017 because of Pom Pom’s health issues. She rapidly took to life in the village with Zach’s group, and has had no problems except for having rather dry skin, but a couple of baths given when the weather was warm enough has greatly improved that too.

Pom Pom GP4/17


Pom Pom

Pom Pom is a black and white texel long haired female guinea pig. She has come to us because she gets herself in a dreadful mess by weeing up her back. This seems to be because she cannot wee until it bursts out of her, possibly because of scar tissue from having become scalded from having had bladder stones or a bladder infection or from an injury or as the result of having had surgery to remove growths. We treated her for a¬† bladder infection caused by urine retention when she arrived as she was very sore and emptied her bladder¬† regularly until she improved enough to go into a village. She is managing quite well now as long as we keep her well trimmed. She lives in with Zach’s group.

She is also blind from cataracts but gets about very well. Cataracts are quite common in certain breeds of guinea pigs, although she is rather young for them having been born in 2016. They may be the result of inbreeding.

Hattie GP26/14



Hattie is a ginger female guinea pig with a white crest who arrived at the end of 2014 with her sister Leah. She was born in 2014. She was no longer wanted. She was very small when she arrived but grew considerably meaning that she was younger than the eighteen months we had been told she was as guinea pigs are fully grown at eighteen months of age. She lives in one of our villages with Zach et al, although her sister is no longer with us.