Mayfly came to us in 2010 when she was about a year old. She was a tangled matted mess of fur and not very taken with people. She still isn’t keen, and I can’t blame her really. That coat of hers is ridiculous. She has had to have far more human interaction over the years being groomed than she would have preferred given her timid nature. She is much less flighty than she used to be and trusts me unless I am holding a comb but she still hangs back. She lives with Tom who is much more confident in one of the sheds as she was struggling with changes of level in the enclosures as she is developing cataracts and can’t see well anymore which is a bit nerve wracking in a nervous animal. The shed runs are all flat so she feels more confident. She is still in good health and doesn’t particularly show her age except for the cataracts, but those frequently occur in much younger rabbits too. If she hadn’t been here so long I might doubt that she is as old as I know her to be.