Fern was born here 9 years ago after her mother Violet came to us while she was pregnant.

Fern and her sister at about ten days old.

Violet was thin and hungry when she arrived. She ate non stop for three weeks getting larger and larger and larger. We knew she had been with a buck and were afraid she was going to produce an enormous litter but instead she had just two absolutely enormous babies. Sadly Fern’s sister Fig died quite young but Fern is still with us and going strong not looking her age at all although she is not quite as solid and  muscular as when she was younger. She still makes full use of her run and keeps her young husbun on his toes and has an impressive set of diggings.

Fern spent the morning of her birthday in the hutch because of the rain but is now out in the run no doubt getting good and muddy in her diggings. The rabbits are going to be even muckier than usual and the runs are definitely showing the lack of volunteers now. The lockdown is making itself felt. There are muddy paths and droppings everywhere:(

Here are Kiki and Clyde enjoying what was a nice dustbath yesterday but is now simply a horrible mess after the rain. They are not going to be able to go out again until it drys out because of Clyde’s poorly feet. It wasn’t them who dug it in the first place but rather the White Ladies, but Kiki keeps removing the log I put in the hole to stop them from digging there and then does a bit of rearranging to get the dustbath the way she likes it. She doesn’t have enough breath to dig very much but she has the muscle power to shift the log.