Sparrow is a very friendly harlequin minilop buck. He came to us in October 2019 because his teeth were badly misaligned and sticking out of his mouth so his child couldn’t cuddle him without getting scratched. He was also having trouble eating. He was born in 2019 being about six months old when he arrived. We took him in despite being closed to new arrivals because he sounded like a good partner for Sorrel, our little black wildie. None of the rabbits already here were suitable.

We had his front teeth removed entirely when he was castrated because they were so bad they would have needed clipping nearly every week because of the angle they stuck out at. It was the worst I had seen and we have had quite a number of rabbits with wonky front teeth. He healed remarkably quickly and we put him with Sorrel. She simply doesn’t know how to behave because she was taken from her family very young first by a magpie and injured and then taken to the Blue Cross after being found in a hotel lift where she must have bolted. Sparrow simply couldn’t be sweeter with her. He doesn’t pester her but just sits next to whichever heap of hay she is under in a companionable way that we hope will be a good inflence on her. He is incredibly friendly with people too. We couldn’t have hooed for a better friend for her and he seems very happy in the hutch and run combo which is the only safe place to keep her as she is so tiny she could escape from any of the open runs. He jumps and plays very happily and when the bond is fully secure we will let other rabbits enter their outer run to give him extra company and perhaps let him out for a run by himself sometimes. And we will look at adding extra space securely onto their combo perhaps joined together with tunnels.