Rose has been with us for a whole decade! And she is as grumpy and feisty as ever. She has never liked people and has not been hugely taken with other rabbits either although she and Basil coexist fairly well as long as he gets out of her way when she tells him to and lets her have first choice of the veg. She has had ear abcesses for years and years and used to be prone to stasis when she moulted but otherwise has been healthy and is still in good body condition. She sleeps a lot – I had to prod her to make sure she was breathing in the hot weather this summer as she was so still and so flat, but she still comes running for her dinner.

She was an adult when she arrived, but probably only about a year old so she is about eleven years old now. Basil who she lives with is probably a year older and has been here almost a year longer. He has a large tumour and may not be with us much longer although he has had one lump since he was about seven that never seemed to affect him so we left it alone. He is far too old to operate on now but is still much the same in himself although he is much frailer than previously.