Last week someone came around the back during the night and stole £75 and our new drill that we had just paid £100 for as well as the case to the old drill with it’s charger. There may be other items that we haven’t missed yet. Luckily there were no animals in there at the time as they left all the gates and doors open.

Because of this we need to make the place more secure. From now on it will not be possible to access the sanctuary from the side by the conservatory as before you will need to have us let you in instead. So for the time being contact us by email beforehand and we can make arrangements ahead of time. It is no good expecting me to hear the front door as I am usually outside. Soon we will have proper arrangements in place for visits on Saturdays but we are short of people to implement this at the moment so please bear with us.

To be honest there isn’t much worth stealing left. I am more concerned abiut the animals and it has made me realise we have probably been too open in the past. We will find the right way forward to keep them safe.