Robin is an exceedingly friendly harlequin half lopped buck with most unusual colours and patchwork markings. We don’t know how old he is or anything else about him because he was left outside the Sanctuary in a carrier in May 2019 with not even a note and we hadn’t been asked to take him by email so we have no history for him. I estimate that he is about four or five and I think he has been neutered as he certainly has no dangly bits to indicate otherwise although his behaviour when we tried to bond him with Hamish did give us reason to doubt it. He really really really really loved Hamish. But Hamish didn’t appreciate it and love turned to hate after a week or two and we went in one morning to find their stable full of fur after a major bust up. Hamish has sworn off relationships since but Robin seems to be getting on well with Siyah although it took me a while to become convinced it will be permanent as they are both fairly dominant characters. They have settled well together and now share an enclosure.