Hamish is a big steel lionlop buck born in 2013. He came to us in May 2019 because he has infected tear ducts that require constant treatment. When he arrived his face was scalded and sore but it soon cleared up with proper management. His coat is also exceedingly thick and difficult to keep in check. He really needed us. But he has no intention of being grateful and co-operative. Hamish is a very independent minded creature and Hamish does what Hamish wants and Hamish does not want to share his food with another rabbit! We thought we had him bonded a couple of times and Hamish was curious about the idea. He seemed to take his time considering the idea, weighing up the pros and cons… face washing – good, being admired – good, snuggling – tolerable,  sharing food – definitely undesirable, being humped – No, No, No, just No. It has to be said that Robin did get a wee bit carried away with that last one. He really really really really loved Hamish! He gave Hamish a lifetime’s worth of loving in the week they were together and Hamish is quite certain he wants no more. We did try to bond him again but he has clearly decided that the best defence is a good offense and he went into immediate attack mode. So he is living outside with neighbours to grump at but who can’t get at him or his food and it seems to suit him well.