Mallow with us during 2019

Mallow was a black and white Dutch cross buck with the most amazing temperament. He was quite special and left a lasting impression on us. He arrived in April 2019 with two other old single rabbits Parsley and Filbert, already ten years old. Despite his age he threw himself into everything with great abandon and enthusiasm. He was very active and agile and had no trouble adjusting to have plenty of room and made full use of every inch of it. He had some recurrent gut problems that meant we had to be careful about how we fed him. Along with a tendency to gorge himself and a tendency to overtax himself this meant he didn’t spend as much time with us as we would have liked. When we tried bonding him he wouldn’t leave the other rabbits alone, constantly wanting to hump them, exhausting himself and annoying them. Eventually he provoked a serious fight and had to be kept on his own, which was such a shame as he was such a gregarious soul. He kept having bad bouts of stasis and finally didn’t come back from one. I got the impression that it was because he was too exhausted to carry on fighting. We are glad he was able to enjoy his stay with us so much but wish it could have been longer and that he could have found companionship and love as did Parsley.