Parsley with us during 2019

Parsley was a lovely grey buck born in 2011 who came to us in April 2019 with two other single rabbits, Filbert and Mallow. Unfortunately he was not at all well. We didn’t think he was going to be with us for long as his breathing was dreadful and his guts abnormal. Despite his problems we managed to bond him with Anemone and she with her devoted attention provided the best medicine of all. She together with antibiotics and gut stimulants managed to stablise him, improve his breathing and give him a happy few months here with us. But his guts never fully recovered and he kept losing weight despite eating voraciously and eventually will power alone couldn’t keep him going and he passed away. We are very sorry he wasn’t with us longer but are very glad to have been able to provide him with a companion to love at the end of his life.