Gwen with us in 2019

Gwen was a chocolate and ginger female guinea pig born in 2016. She came to us in July 2019 because her owner had a serious allergy and because her sister had died and she was alone. She lived with Alejandro and had a huge appetite despite being quite a small piggy. In fact I suspect that that was what killed her. One night I gave them rather a lot of food after they had also had a pile of grass during the day. As usual she tucked in straight away with no indication that she was unwell. In the morning all the food was gone and she was dead with a rock hard stomach:( It is always particularly hard to lose a piggy that hasn’t been here long, and was especially so in this case as she was younger than the others and I had expected her to outlive them. She really enjoyed her time with us but it wasn’t long enough:(