I put Hamish with Robin and Mallow with Goose, Filbert and Bilberry last week and these seem to be going well so today I am trying Dandelion with Tia and Siyah.

Dandelion, Tia and Siyah

My knack for bonding seems to have deserted me. None of these bondings worked properly. Dandelion had a huge fight with Siyah, injuring her so she ended up alone. Hamish and Robin had a huge bust up and Mallow keep fighting with Filbert who later fell out with the other two:( Only Dandelion and Tia and Goose and Bilberry remain together although I have put Robin and Siyah together and that is limping along not quite failing but not feeling established either.

We now have 6 single rabbits, which is most unusual, and none of them is well suited to any of the others. I am wracking my brain trying to come up with a solution but am not getting very far:( I have tried various combinations but nothing seems to be working at the moment.