Basil first came to us on New Year’s Eve 2008. He was found straying in a park in Birmingham on a very cold night.

We rehomed him (which we stopped doing in 2010) and he lived happily elsewhere for several years but when he lost his companion he returned to us rather than be on his own. Strangely he came back to us on New Year’s Eve too.

Basil has now been living with Rose for several years and has become one of our longest term residents. Nutbrown, Severn and Oak are the only ones who have been here for longer. Rose has been here for a mere nine years.

This New Year’s Eve was not as cold as the one when we first met poor sad dirty litte Basil. It was quite warm, and dry although cloudy. Quite a number of the rabbits seeed in very good spirits feeling change from the soggy weather of the past few weeks. There were lots of binkies, even Angel who is as old as Basil was dashing about like a youngster and Ted was doing his special twirls. The garden is coming to life extra early with snowdrops already in flower as well as helebores, forsythia, jasmine and mahonia. I am relieved to see that Clyde and Kiki haven’t managed to eat quite all the plants although they have made a good attempt. I suspect early spring plants can’t taste good otherwise they wouldn’t stand a chance of surviving all the hungry herbivores when they are the only thing growing.