Xante is the smaller of Red Currant ‘s two male offspring. He was born at the Sanctuary on August 7th 2018 as his mother was pregnant when she arrived. It was obviously her first litter as she appeared not to have a clue what was going on when they were born. However the whole litter survived, even the tiny runt Sprinkle, even when we lost all but two of the other New Zealand Whites to RHD despite only being separated from the othereby wire.

Xante lived with his brother Corinth in a hutch in an enclosure outside where they had some fantastic diggings going on and seemed to be very happy. But alas, the very night that they turned a year old they had a huge birthday bust up and had to be separated. Lads becoming teenagers perhaps?? Anyway Corinth was the clear winner. There wasn’t a visible mark on him but poor Xante was well beaten up with bite wounds on his face and body and lots of fur pulled out. One on his eye came close to being really serious but fortunately has healed well but he had to be moved inside to have antibiotics and to make sure he kept eating. He recovered well and is now outside and will be bonded again once his wounds finish healing. I doubt that will be too much of a problem as I don’t think he started the fight and the wounds were defensive in nature. The poor lad got cornered.

Having attempted to bond Xante with Anemone I have had to revise my opinikn of him. I actually suspect that he started the fight with his brother even though he was the one who lost. He started being all submissive with Anemone but then turned on her. We are very lucky he didn’t do the old lady some serious damage!

Since then he has been bonded with Meili who didn’t throw her weight around but was content to let Mr Handsome be in charge. He seems to like her. So far anyway. It will be a while before I am willing to risk letting them have neighbours to stir things up.