Sprinkle, with us 2018-2020

Sprinkle was the smallest of Red Currant ‘s babies. She was less than half the size of the other babies and struggled to feed so I used to hold her up to Red Currant for an extra feed when she was tiny. She was later to leave the nest than the others too and we were very concerned about her. But she caught up a bit,  and was as active as any of the others although perhaps a bit shyer. She grew to weigh  2.5kg whereas the others are all well over 3kg. She is likely always was the smallest.

She lived with her mum and sisters in a large area in the barn at night with an outside run for use during the day before they moved into a big shed at the bottom of the garden from which they often had free run of the main area of the Sanctuary.

Sprinkle was not quite a year and a half old when we unexpectedly found her almost collapsed in her shed with unresponsive pupils and she died shortly afterwards. We are not quite sure what happened to her, whether she had a heart attack or was hit by something on what was a very windy day. We did find a roof blown over and a dislodged tile on the ground.