Corinth is the larger of Red Currant ‘s two male offspring. He was born on 7th August 2018 and is a New Zealand White buck. Red Currant arrived at the Sanctuary pregnant having been rescued from a meat breeder. It was obviously her first litter as she appeared not to have a clue what was going on when they were born. However the whole litter survived, even the tiny runt Sprinkle, even when we lost all but two of the other New Zealand Whites to RHD despite only being separated from the othereby wire.

Corinth lived with his brother Xante in a hutch in an enclosure outside where they had some fantastic diggings going on and seemed to be very happy. But alas, the very night that they turned a year old they had a huge birthday bust up and had to be separated. Lads becoming teenagers perhaps?? Anyway Corinth was the clear winner. There wasn’t a visible mark on him. He is the larger and more confident of the two and was probably the instigator. For a while he was in a hutch and run next to where his mother and sisters were during the day. It would be nice to have put them all together but there might have been a risk of him causing trouble so instead he has been bonded with Lavender who needed a new partner after Olly died.

Corinth and Lavender are getting on very well. They are in an enclosure and are busy digging tunnels. We can tell they are deep because they look orange so they have gine deep enough to reach the clay.