Clementine, with us during 2018.

Clementine was a little fluffy grey lionhead doe born in 2015. She came to us in August 2018 because she has a very bad coat that matts easily and she is also inclined to pounce on people so when her owner no longer had an appropriate place to keep her it would have been difficult to find her a new home as a pet.

We agreed to take her before we knew how many babies were about to appear or we wouldn’t have taken her. We are very much hoping that she will fit into an existing group and thus not take up extra space. She is currently being bonded with Chicory and Violet. She is actually being very good, as is Chicory. Violet is clearly the boss but Clementine seems so pleased to be with other rabbits she isn’t letting Violet upset her, nor is she being silly enough to fight with her. She was actually binkying around in the bonding cage tonight despite Violet grumping at her. Time will tell if this solution to the space problem works…

Sadly Clementine was the first rabbit to succumb to an outbreak of RHD in October 2018. I didn’t realise what it was at the time but thought she might have broken her neck by jumping off the shelf awkwardly while being chased by Violet. She had been healthy and happy and her death was a complete surprise.