Tayberry, with us during 2018

Tayberry was a New Zealand White buck who was bred for meat but was lucky enough to come here after a change of heart by his owner. He was born in June 2018 and Cherry is probably his mother as she still had milk when they all arrived, but we didn’t attempt to put them back together as she is in rather poor condition and needs to not be a milk bar any more.

He lives in a group of five baby bucks who are probably from two different litters. Two of them, Wineberry and Cranberry are about the same size as Tay who is one of the younger ones, so they are probably his full brothers, whereas the other two are slightly bigger.

He is the easiest to recognise of the group because his ears lop to the side. We hope he doesn’t grow out of this as telling them apart is enough of a challenge as it is.