Red Currant

Red Currant is a New Zealand White doe who came to us in July 2018 as part of a big group of rabbits surrendered by a breeder who had been convinced to stop producing them for meat. We took in 9 of the 38 rabbits who were granted a stay of execution by being handed over to rescuers.

Red Currant is probably pregnant. I am fairly certain that I can feel babies in there and she has displayed an inclination towards nest building and appears to be eating for more than just herself. Time will tell. She will have to stay in the barn until we are certain one way or the other. As rabbits are only pregnant for thirty days it will pass quickly, and as I can already feel something it is likely to be well before the end of August.

Red Currant collecting hay for a nest.

In fact I actually thought she was going to have them the night she arrived as she was hopping around with a mouthful of hay trying to decide where to build a nest. I don’t think she had ever had a choice in the matter before but in her new big hutch she has a number of cosy corners to choose from. We really hope I am wrong about her being pregnant because we have enough rabbits already but if she is at least her babies will be safe this time, and she can keep the females as her lifelong companions.