Cherry, with us during 2018

Cherry was a New Zealand White doe who came to us in a big rescue from Bristol of a group of rabbits who had gained a reprieve from being slaughtered for meat. We took in 9 of the 38 that were lucky that day, the others going to other rescues.

When she arrived she was still producing milk so we think her babies had just been taken from her. We probably have the bucks here but the females went somewhere else. We didn’t want to try to put the boys back with her as she is very thin, has a touch of snuffles and has very sore feet. She does not feel as if she is pregnant again and is not eating as well as the two that we think are pregnant. As soon as her feet heal we will try and bond her into one of our groups and get her outside learning how to be a happy rabbit. She clearly already likes the deeply bedded stable she is in, as do her feet which already look much better.