No, not snow, but a flurry of white rabbits.
Having seen off one group of friends Blue magically summoned some likely looking lads as suitors from Bristol. And their mums.

And it is all Blue’s fault!

None of the bucks here are up for the Blue challenge.

So when I saw the appeal for places for rabbits who had been destined to be killed for meat made by The Littlest Rescue in Bristol I was tempted to offer places because I knew one of them would make a good husbun for her. New Zealand Whites generally bond easily and are too big for her to bully. And with the barn set up but as yet unoccupied … well, it was just too hard not to take more than one, especially as not all of them had places to go. In for a penny, in for a pound…If a job is worth doing it is worth doing well…I have lots of excuses!

But the best one is That
           they have gone from this
To This:
And it only gets better from now on
instead of their ending up on someone’s PLATE
They will live full and happy lives

Caroline and her husband Dave drove to Bristol this morning and collected them. They brought a group of five young bucks, an adult buck and three does who had been used for breeding. With the weather set to break records we were concerned about the drive but they made good time and got back here before the day got too hot.

One of the does, Cherry,  and the big buck have very sore feet with open wounds on them. The other two does also have calluses and I am convinced the youngsters legs look strange hopefully simply due to lack of exercise which we can easily remedy. The two with sore feet are now on deep bedding to cushion their poor feet. The buck, henceforth to be known as Bigwig the Elderberry, is really hobbling because his front feet are also affected. If they don’t simply heal from the improved conditions I will have to bandage them but for now I don’t want to stress them any further.