The big story this month for all of us is of course the heat. Hot, hot, hot and hotter. Not forgetting dry of course. So dry. The poor garden:( Between the dryness and Clyde it might be much less spectacular next year.

It is wonderfully cool under the trees even in the heat.

As usual we have suffered less from the heat than elsewhere. Our trees and vines give us shelter from the sun and it hasn’t been too bad. We had to rig up extra shade for one of the piggy sheds as it was getting too hot and a couple of the rabbit sheds have a couple of bad hours in the afternoon when the sun is on them but otherwise we have coped well. Because it has been so dry flies have not been a problem but I still put ivomectin on all the at risk and older rabbits every two weeks as I do every summer, giving them thorough health checks and any necessary grooming at the same time. It is a bit of a mammoth task with so many oldies but well worth doing. Prevention is better than cure after all.

Because Clyde became so miserable after Bonnie died that he looked to be in danger of failing himself I took to letting him loose in the main garden. As it is so dry his feet are doing better so it seemed the better option than letting him stay in decline on his nice soft bedding. How I am ever going to confine him again now he is used to it I don’t know. He is having so much fun! He loves visiting all the other rabbits and watching their reactions as well as going around tasting everything in the garden and pushing himself into every corner whether he fits or not to see what he can find.

Kiki chooses a spot and stays there all day, a different one everyday.

Kiki is much less adventurous. She didn’t come out at all at first but sat in the run with the gate open. Now she comes out, chooses a spot and sits there all day, but a different spot each day. Strange rabbit!

Alejandro (Eeyore)

We have had a  couple of new arrivals in July. Ginger Tom, a six year old buck with some dental trouble and Alejandro a three month old male Abyssinian guinea pig who had been fighting with his brothers. Both need to be neutered before they can be bonded. Alejandro has a harem waiting for him, but he needs to get a bit older before the op.

Clyde meets Ginger Tom

Clyde seems to have taken to Ginger Tom and has been lying down on the path next to him. Or he may just be claiming his territory by displaying ownership to the intact buck, he sits by Black Currant quite a bit too. It will be interesting to see if he stops now that Black Currant  has been neutered.

We do not miss her at all!! Little Hooligan!!

Sadly we have lost our group of six:( I had to take Blue out of the group because she was becoming such a menace. She took to charging the others and had so intimidated them all that even Giant Minerva was running away from her. I wasn’t  so much worried that she would hurt them, but that they would hurt themselves as they leaped out of her way especially as we had just added areas that they had to jump in and out of. So she is currently in the naughty corner in the barn awaiting a suitor who will sweep her off her feet and make her behave. The group of five seems very pleased to be without her.

My desire to get Blue a big strong husbun might have led to something big. Big and white and probably travelling here from Bristol tomorrow with a yet to be determined number of his relatives. Watch this space!