Ginger Tom

Ginger Tom is a mostly ginger harlequin buck who was born in 2012. He came to us in July 2018 because his owner had had to move and was having to keep him apart from her. He had lost his partner and had dental problems last year and she was very concerned about his well being. He is a bit sensitive and although he appears to like it here is being a bit temperamental about his food. Hopefully he will settle and start eating well enough that we can get him neutered and then bonded. In the meantime Clyde is spending a lot of time next to his run and he has three sets of neighbours so he is not lacking for company.

Ginger Tom settled in well and is fairly stable at the moment although he has gone through a couple more bad patches since the rocky start. He was bonded with Mayfly and then Sid. They were a very happy Trio but since Sid died is is just he and Mayfly again. They have one of the large enclosures and seem to enjoying the change from the shed where they lived with Sid because of his poor mobility.