Raspberry is a small fawn and white dutch cross buck born in about 2012. He came to us via the Blue Cross in June 2018 because he is emaciated and clearly not well enough to rehome. He seems quite confident and certainly wants to eat. His back teeth are overgrown and may be behind at least some of the weight loss. I got him to chew on a dental file a bit to hopefully break off the sharpest spurs on his teeth and he seems to be eating well enough for now. I certainly don’t feel he is fit for an anaesthetic at the moment so we will need to try and get his condition to improve before he has a full dental. He also has strange scarring on his nose and mouth, possibly from scalding from dribbling, but he also may have had a nasal discharge although there is none present currently. His paws and the fur around his bottom is clagged and yellow too. I will give him a good grooming tomorrow when he is more settled which should make him feel better.

New arrivals, Black Currant and Raspberry

We also took in his brother Black Currant, although they no longer live together due to fighting. We thought they would be happier if they could see each other anyway. Black Currant appears to be in much better condition.