Raspberry, with us during 2018.

Raspberry was a small fawn and white dutch cross buck born in about 2012. He came to us via the Blue Cross in June 2018 because he was emaciated and clearly not well enough to rehome. He was quite confident and certainly wanted to eat. His back teeth were overgrown and may have been behind at least some of the weight loss. I got him to chew on a dental file a bit to hopefully break off the sharpest spurs on his teeth and he ate well enough after that, in fact he gobbled up everything in sight. He wan’t  fit for an anaesthetic at the time so we wanted to try and get his condition to improve before he had a full dental. He also had strange scarring on his nose and mouth, possibly from scalding from dribbling, but he also from nasal discharge. His paws and the fur around his bottom was clagged and yellow too. He had antibiotics and a good grooming and began to feel better but never put on any weight.

New arrivals, Black Currant and Raspberry

We also took in his brother Black Currant, although they no longer livel together due to fighting. We thought they would be happier if they could see each other anyway so we housed them next to each other at first. Black Currant was in much better condition and went on to be neutered and then bonded with Blue.

Raspberry was clearly never going to be well enough to be neutered so we bonded him with Willow and Chester. It was the easiest bonding imaginable. The three bucks were calm and peaceful together right from the start. We may not have been able to give Raspberry a long life with us but the time he did have was very happy. His digestion was very irregular and he obviously was not able to absorb nutrients from the food he was eating. We had to battle to keep him clean both by trimming his coat and by giving him daily gut stimulants to try to normalize things. But he kept losing weight and finally even his strong spirit couldn’t keep him going any longer and he passed away  at the end of August 2018.

August and Willow in August 2018.