Black Currant

Black Currant is an English marked black  and white buck born in 2012. He came to us via the Blue Cross in June 2018 because his brother Raspberry is in very poor condition and although Black Currant is not as bad he is six and not a very good candidate for rehoming.

Black Currant is not as confident as his brother and seemed very subdued at first although he perked up a bit when he realized that his hutch has two levels. He is very clumsy but quite taken with the idea of going up and down. He ate well and will hopefully become more cheerful as time goes on.

New arrivals, Black Currant and Raspberry

He and Raspberry no longer live together as they reportedly fight but we have put them next to each other in the hope that it will make them feel better anyway.

Black Currant was successfully bonded with Blue a little black and white doe. They are very good together unless Blue gets jealous when she turns into a bit of a demoness. We have to keep them where she can’t see other rabbits for the sake of their relationship.

Black Currant and Blue