Oslo is a blue-eyed white lop buck born in 2015 who came to us via the Blue Cross in June 2018 because they don’t rehome rabbits with dental problems and he has trouble with both his front and back teeth, has a sore mouth from dribbling, an excessively thick and matt prone coat and has quite an attitude on top of all that and pounces on you whenever you put a hand near him. He was neutered about a month ago and had to have a testicle removed from his abdomen as it hadn’t dropped. That extensive surgery probably didn’t improve his temper and taxed his previous owner’s ability to cope with him to breaking point. He is very difficult to handle.

Despite all his troubles Oslo already looks very happy here. I have groomed him and treated his sore skin and his front teeth are sorted for now. I am reluctant to send him off for a full dental so soon after his surgery and amid all the changes going on in his life so we will put that off for a while and see how he goes. He is certainly keen enough on his food although it takes him longer to chew than is normal. I will give him chopped and grated veg to make it easier for him in the meantime.

Unfortunately Oslo was separated from his companions before coming here. In order to stop him missing them and possibly pining I have quickly started bonding him with Jess and Harp. It hasn’t been the smoothest of bondings but shows signs of improving. His habit of pouncing on everything that moves  did not make for a good start. Harp is very  dominant and has been grumping at Jess even more than usual because of his presence but has not targeted Oslo although she has impressed him enough that he has stopped the ninja jumping that he  was doing at first whenever she went near him and has started showing signs of respect instead. All in all after three days they are becoming quite relaxed together. Hopefully this will progress to becoming affectionate too. Time will tell…

Oops mea culpa! Sorry Oslo. Carrots will be grated in future I promise.

Well that bonding didn’t last very long. Oslo thinks a lot of  himself but he was no match for the girls. They were just too much for him. He is much better suited by his current partner Phyllis. She is a funny little character and hasn’t fitted in very well previously but she and Oslo seem to suit each other.

Oslo and Phyllis