Freda is a beautiful sooty fawn lionhead doe who was used in the animal care courses at Halesowen College. She had recently lost her longterm partner and they did not want her to have to live alone so she came here to retire in June 2018. She was born in 2012.

She is quite a feisty doe and very confident, not the easiest to bond or handle. We tried her first with Fern and Treebeard but that was rather too exciting so we decided not to risk it further. Then we tried her with Jade and Turmeric. They were all quite stroppy with each other at first but Turmeric seems to just about be able to come out on top which is good as underneath all that fur he is quite small and is not powerful enough to do the damage that either Fern or Treebeard could have done to her. And after the first night she started to look as if she rather likes him.

Jade Freda and Turmeric in the bonding stable

Jade is taking a back seat for now. She is not quite as submissive as she is pretending to be so it could still all fall apart..

Update. I was right Jade was biding her time and did decide to make her presence felt in her own good time. It didn’t work:( Freda is single again for now.