Siyah is a fairly large black doe who came to us in March 2018 from a community farm which was closing down. She came with her sister Tia who she lived with and another pair, Harp and Jess. We think Harp might be her mother and Jess her other sister as they are so similar to Tia.

She is a wonderfully lively active friendly rabbit who is particularly fond of digging and is always cheerful and enthusiastic. She seems to be determined to make the most of her time with us, although she could do with being less enthusiastic about her food as she is getting rather too large.

Siyah in the run next door to Rio and Isabella

I tried several times to bond a buck with the two does but they rejected all of them until Dandelion. That time it really seemed to have worked. Unfortunately once I put them outside in a double hutch Siyah decided that Dandelion wasn’t welcome ulstairs and a huge fight ensued which left Siyah with an eye injury so she was removed from the hutch and taken inside for treatment. This left Tia and Dandelion as a very happy pair. Siyah’s eye has healed but she was on her own for a while. It turned out that Dandelion had some quite serious injuries too so I didn’t dare put Siyah with any of the older bucks, but Robin seemed resilient enough to cope with her so I am trying them at the moment. They have been together for a month now but I am still a bit suspicious that it wil go pear shaped. They are both quite dominant and too evenly matched although they do have times when they look very good together. For the moment I am leaving the barriers up to stop the neighbours setting them off. Fingers crossed…

Robin and Siyah in isolation during their extended honeymoon