Sid was a blue eyed white lop buck born in June 2009. He came to us in May 2018 as his owner’s were no longer able to provide for his needs. He had to wait for a place until the weather warmed up as he was used to having heating. He was very stiff and showed his age so we put him into one of the groups in one of the sheds. He got on beautifully with Silver Birch until he died letting Birch lie across his back. Then he lived with Ginger Tom and Mayfly for the rest of his life. He was with us for over a year which considering he was over nine when he arrived and wasn’t in good condition was very good. He had a happy retirement and we are pleased to have been able to provide it for him. He will remain with us for quite some time as the face of the website and in our thoughts. That expression in his face would be hard to beat! He was a character!