Bilberry, or Bill, is a black lop buck who had been thought to be a doe for most of his life. As a consequence we don’t know whether he has been neutered or not. As he is at least eight and not particularly healthy doing it now is not an option so we bonded him with two young males, Skipper and Papillon, just in case he is not firing blanks. He came to us in May 2018 after his owner had a stroke, which is why we don’t have more information about him. He had a large painful lump on his nose when he arrived which a vet said couldn’t be removed as the operation would kill him but I managed to get rid of it. Dermisol cream is wonderful stuff! He is much happier without it. He is also being treated for snuffles. He sleeps very deeply and is obviously deaf, but once he realises there is food about he jumps into action, secures the biggest piece he can grab and takes it off to eat where his young friends won’t disturb him.

Sadly both Skipper and Papillon died young, the victims of inbreeding:( Bilberry has been through several companions since who didn’t really suit him but he now lives with another buck, Goose who seems to be perfect for him. He has filled out a bit and is in better condition.

Skipper (left) Papillon and Bilberry


Bilberry and Goose