Meili is a beautiful grey otter dwarf lop doe born in 2016. She and her sister Piaoliang came to us in January 2018 because their owners were moving. They are very lively active beautiful creatures. In fact their names both mean beautiful in Chinese. In May 2018 Tarragon was bonded with them and they now make a beautiful trio.

Unfortunately the beautiful trio stopped working. Something in the dynamic changed and the sisters started fighting. Just the occasional scuffle at first which I hoped would subside but instead it escalated until they did each other some real damage. At that point they had to be separated. As I had seen Meili have a go at Tarragon too I left him with Piao Liang and removed Meili from the group and then bonded her with Xante, one of the New Zealand Whites. That seems to have worked nicely and they are sharing an enclosure although I am not risking them with any neighbours as of yet.