Treebeard is a young black lionhead buck born towards the end of 2017 who came to us after gaining a bit of internet notoriety by straying over Christmas. He was successfully returned to his home but then fought with his brothers and so had nothing to live in except a run which was clearly not acceptable especially given the cold winter we were having. So he came here in January 2018.



He lived with Myra at first and even managed to stop her from bullying him. Indeed she seemed quite smitten and was content to play second fiddle for once.

When Myra died in June 2018, aged eleven, we rebonded him to Fern. It is early days but it seems to be going well so far. He has grown into a very handsome and fairly large buck which is good because Fern is a large opinionated doe who we just had to separate from her previous companions because she was bullying them.

Treebeard and Fern out in their run together for the first time. They seem quite relaxed together. In fact I think Treebeard was napping in the basket.