Pearl is a black and white lionhead doe born in 2017 who arrived at the end of October 2017. Her mother Petunia had been rehomed as a male from the adoption section at Pets@Home and put in with a buck. Pearl and her sister Petal were the result. The buck had either died or had been given away.  We took Petunia, Petal and Pearl and another five from a different cage from a person who had been evicted. The rabbits’ indoor cages had been stacked in an outdoor bin cupboard with the doors against the back wall so it had to be dismantled to get them out. They had no food or water or bedding or shelter, just each other and the weather was very cold and they had no warm coats as they had been indoors previously. None of the rabbits had been sexed properly just left to breed with individuals removed every so often to give away. Lots died too from the sound of it, rather unsurprisingly. The only reason there weren’t more babies was that there were no adult males left, by luck rather than design. There were two young males in the bottom cage, but they were too young to have impregnated the three females they were with.

Pearl and her family  lived in a lovely big stable and as they are happy lively girls with lots of energy  they really appreciated all the room they had to play, but now they are outside and can dig they are even happier.