Mr Spice, with from 2017-19

Mr Spice was a small blue eyed white lop buck who came to us in October 2017, his age was unknown as he had been a stray. He had been in another rescue for some time but kept getting returned due to repeated failures with attempts at bonding him. He was brought to us by someone who had adopted him but who’s rabbit didn’t like him at all. She didn’t want him to spend yet more time in a temporary home. And he did have some quite difficult behaviour, I am not surprised he had trouble. He would panic and fling himself about in a manner alarming to the other rabbit and generally display lots of fear agression. Luckily we had just the antidote for this in the form of a pair of the nicest rabbits I have met, Sooty and Sweep. I had already put them with a quite difficult rabbit the day before when they arrived and had observed just how calm and sweet they were so when his behaviour was described to me I knew they were just what he needed so I tried him with them. As forecast he panicked when first put into the vage with them. I couldn’t start them off in a carrier as they are large gurls and Sooty has head tilt. He did a mad dash around the cage literally bouncing off the walls and aiming a few ninja kicks at them in the process. When he tried to bite Sweep she boxed at him but didn’t follow it up with any aggression. He retreated to a corner and sat there shaking. Then Sweeep stretched out and quietly licked him on the nose a couple of times and then sat back and ignored him. She had clearly told him to settle down and stop the fuss, he had nothing to worry about. He looked shocked for a few minutes and then visibly relaxed. And that was basically that. They simply accepted him and over the next few days he moved closer and closer to them and he generally calmed down. He is a different rabbit these days. We gave him another big black doe, Minerva, who he accepted straight away. He was very funny, he looked as if he was counting them. One black rabbit, two black rabbits, three black rabbits. Yup I have more black rabbits than ears now! And this one is bigger. He kept stretching his neck up to reach Minerva ‘s back as if puzzling over the size difference, then going to one of the others and measuring them. So comical!

Because he had been so calm about accepting Minerva when Blue needed a new family after losing hers we decided to add her to the big group too. As that went well we also added Phyllis after Thumper had to be pts. She is a little misery guts. She doesn’t really mix but she loves living in the big shed. Mr Spice is actually the one who tried to welcome her to the group. What a  turn around!

Group of six

Sadly these days Mr Spice only has one remaining friend, Sooty as Phyllis and Blue fell out with the group last year and both Sweep and Minerva passed away this summer:( His health isn’t very good either and he is becoming rather frail. He has a paralysed face from the ear infections that are an inevitable part of being a lop and is beginning to show signs of them affecting his balance as well. He absolutely detests being handled and our treating him causes him a lot of stress so we try to be as hands off as possible. He greatly enjoyed having time loose in the garden this summer although as he inists on attacking the giants he got less time out than the rest of the group. Now it just he and Sooty they have moved into an enclosure with a big run so he can have lots of space all the time.

Sadly Mr Spice passed away in October 2019. He became very frail and faded in front of our eyes. The loss of two of his beloved girls didn’t help. As a lop he had ear problems which led to dental problems and then to digestive problems and we didn’t actually know how old he was. It would have been lovely to have him here longer but he certainly enjoyed the time he did have.