Chervil, with us from 2013-2018

Chervil was a very handsome ginger wooly lionhead buck born in May 2012. He came to us in 2013 as his coat was so long and fine that it was almost impossible to manage. He had to be shaved straight away despite arriving in January. The coat that came off him was felted together like a jacket. It was important to bond him straight away to keep him warm, so he was bonded into a group. Sadly this later fell apart, and he then lived with Minuet. He had severe digestive trouble after Minuet had to be pts. He took her loss extremely hard and became extremely thin but thankfully finally recovered and gained a lot of weight becoming a handsome and substantial rabbit. He was with Colarado for a while and then with Maisie and Mahonia. The three of them were very happy together in one of our large enclosures, then sadly Maisie died and he got yet another new friend, Pansy. Pansy ended up his sole companion until she too passed away towards the end of 2017. He was again rebonded this time to Lily and Peony but soon after that Lily died and he developed gut trouble again and this time he didn’t come back from it. He was rather unlucky in love and took each loss to heart, feeling it deeply.