Bambi,  with us from 2014 – 2018


Bambi was a sable mini-rex buck born in 2013. He came to us as all he had to live in was an indoor 120cm cage and his owner’s living circumstances were soon to get worse with nowhere at all to keep her animals as she had to move. He lived in a group of rexes which included at various points in time, Dachs, Florence, Sweet Cicely and Nutbrown  in our largest enclosure. He was always very sweet and snuggly with the others but was never a healthy rabbit often suffering bouts of impaction stasis and always thinner than he should have been. It was one of his bouts of digestive trouble that carried him off in early 2018. Rabbits are very susceptible to bloat as they have a small chest cavity so an enlarged stomach can actually press on their heart and kill them quite suddenly. It was quite a shock as he hadn’t ever bloated before and because he was quite young. He is very missed both by us and his companions.