Zephyr, with us from 2015 – 2017

Zephyr was a harlequin lionhead buck with an extremely wooly coat that needed extra grooming. He was born in roughly 2009. He came to us in 2015 because his owner had moved and had nowhere for him or two of her other rabbits either, they came here too, Magic and Wizard.  He had been unwanted before she took him in two years previously. Too many rabbits get passed around like this from home to home, never getting what they need:( He lived with Henry and Silver Birch in one of our sheds for the rest of his life until he passed away in late 2017, at least getting at the end what he had been denied earlier. They specialised in bunny heaps although he and Henry were a bit too equally matched and would argue about who was top rabbit more often than was ideal.

Unfortunately as Zephyr got older and frailer the arguing with Henry became more intense and they had to be separated. Zephyr was rebonded with Jade and Turmeric and lived with them until he died.