Violet is an incredibly fluffy little lionhead doe who came to us from the Blue Cross because of her coat after she was found straying near one of their centres.

Oh Violet!

Not only is she incredibly fluffy but she is also inordinately fond of digging so she gets in a right state and often has muddy dreadlocks. I have to keep her well clipped and keep a good eye on her but she has so much fun I don’t have the heart to stop her digging.

She has the most stunning blue eyes hence her name. She lived with Chicory and Mr Bean who were both enraptured by her and could be seen gazing at her adoringly as she flung mud about the run.

The boys are captivated! What has she done to herself?

Sadly Mr Bean died and we have had to change their run to prevent her digging in the wrong places so Chicory is left alone to appreciate her as she comes up with different ways to wreak mischief. Such as persistently harassing the neighbours…