Turmeric is a little ginger and white lionhead buck who came to us in October 2017 with the rest of his family aged about seven months old. He looks more like a toy than the lively little animal he really is. These are the sorts of rabbits that encourage people to expect to be able to play with them instead of giving them what they need to be healthy and happy.

He has been neutered and was bonded with Jade and Zephyr until Zephyr died. He was  happily living in one of our enclosures with just Jade but we are now bonding them with Freda. It is going well so far, hopefully they will be back outside again soon.

Jade Freda and Turmeric in the bonding stable

He is a delightful little fellow, always standing up straight or jumping up to see as much as he can. He doesn’t seem to be properly attached to the ground. As if all that fluff gives him buoyancy! Despite looking so sweet he has turned out to be the most dominant one in the new bonding. Freda thought she was a tough old lady who would put him in his place but he wasn’t having that. He seems to have won her over though. He isn’t a nasty rabbit. Jade however is possibly biding her time to express her annoyance with the bossy newcomer. She is much the biggest. Time will tell… I was right, Jade took a dislike to Freda and they started fighting so that’s that. Just a pair.


Jade, Zephyr and Turmeric