Tamarind, the ice queen.

Tamarind is a very pretty lionhead doe who is a deep ginger colour with dark points and a white blaze. She came to us because her owner was moving, along with her accidental litter and their father, who had been supposed to be another female. Young rabbits are very hard to sex and pet shops and breeders often get it wrong resulting in lots of accidental litters. Always get the sex of a pair rechecked. I am always willing to do it if you are close enough to us, or find your local rabbit rescue. Better still find your local rescue before getting rabbits and adopt them already neutered and in a loving pair. Baby rabbits only stay babies for a very short time and then develop hormones and start spraying and humping each other often followed by that accidental litter or if not and they are the same sex they might start fighting and land you with an expensive vet bill for stitching them back together. Surprisingly for creatures thought to be sweet and cuddly and suitable for children rabbits love fighting as much as they love making baby rabbits. And that is saying something. They don’t say at it like rabbits for nothing…

Tamarind lives with her daughter Paprika and the babies’ Dad, Thyme (who has, of course, now been castrated). She was born in 2016.