Silver Birch with us from 2015-2018.

Silver Birch was a little mini lop buck, white with grey points. He was born in 2013ish. He came from Butterfly Bunnies in 2015 after the owner had a stroke and could no longer look after her rabbits. He had misaligned front teeth which needed regular attention. He had a very mucky bottom when he arrived and had to be shaved and had snuffles as well from the start, and lateer he had head tilt and was really unwell but battled on with a great zest for life, always enthusiastic about his food and fond of snuggling with his friends, I thought for a long time that he carried on through sheer willpower. He lived with Mint, Spirit and Fidget and then with Zephyr and Henry, and then with Poplar and Mayfly with Sid as an extra companion right at the last. He always had to have his veg grated or shredded because of his teeth problems and he had snuffles from the time he arrived. He finally succombed at the beginning of June 2018 after a brave fight through the winter with head tilt on top of his previous problems. He had a hard time of it but kept going on sheer willpower. His zest for life was evident until the end.