Rowan, with us from 2015-20

Rowan was a rex cross buck born in May 2013. He came to us as his owner was moving and was unable to find anywhere for a younster and his older father. We agreed to help as the father was quite old but he was given to someone else and she brought his brother instead:~ So we had two young bucks we would not normally have taken in. Lucky lads! Poor Dad. Sadly we lost Teatree several years ago. Rowan lived with Nightshade in our best enclosure with an amazing warren for years until he became unwell earlier this year when he lost interest in food and wouldn’t go to bed so they had to be moved to somewhere I could catch him more easily. He rapidly lost weight and despite our best efforts he left us in March 2020. I think we can safely say that Rowan enjoyed his life with us. If rabbit years were measured by the length of the tunnels they dug during their life Rowan’s must have been amongst the longest.

Nightshade is currently being bonded with Corinth.