Phyllis is a small Netherland Dwarf cross red eyed white doe. She came from a small rescue in Gloucestershire in 2014 after having been found as a stray and handed in to a veterinary centre. She had had syphilis and so was unsuitable for rehoming. She lived with Cocoa and Biscuit in the barn at first but they had a rather tempestuous relationship and often had skirmishes but they also all snuggle up together nicely but eventually it went too far and we separated them and put Phyllis in with Thumper who won’t tolerate her misbehaviour. She appeared to be much happier with him. He was only really grumpy when there was food about. Sadly Thumper developed a tumour in his ear and had to be pts. Because Phyllis is such a funny little rabbit we decided to try her in a big group we were bonding so she went in with Minerva, Sooty, Sweep, Blue and Mr Spice. It is a bit counterintuitive but an antisocial individual may be happier in a group where there is less pressure to form a close specific relationship. And she certainly appreciates the extra space in the large shed and run. The group is an eclectic mix of rabbits from little Phyllis to giant Minerva but has a distinct black and white theme.

All shapes and sizes but colour coordinated!


Well Phyllis must have said something rude because the others in the group took against her (except for Mr Spice) and I finally had to take her away after there was an actual fight. She now lives very happily with Oslo. Far happier than I have ever seen her before:) Every so often she does mad dashes around her un with lots of binkies thrown in:) But she has also had some bad patches of health and we have come close to losing her and so is on long term antibiotics as she doesn’t do well without it.

New addition to the group???

She and Oslo have been having a frequent visitor. Next door’s cat has taken to sleeping in their run. Luckily it isn’t even vaguely agressive towards the rabbits and gives ground to them when it isn’t too comfy.