Peony – with us from 2015-2018.

Peony was a black and tan French Lop doe born in 2012/3. She came to us in 2015 from Butterfly Bunnies after the owner had a stroke and could no longer look after her rabbits.

Peony was a gentle giant and lived with Lily and a couple of different bucks over the years, most recently Chervil. Sadly she lost both Lily and Chervil quite close together and never really recovered from it. Her unhappiness was compounded by a couple of failed attempts at rebonding before succeeding with Jade and Turmeric. She acted in an uncharacteristically agressive fashion during both. Despite it working with Jade and Turmeric the damage was done. Everything went downhill from there. She had  developed nasty tear duct infections from the lack of a companion to groom her eyes and then got a nasty gut infection and came down with diarrhoea which simply would not clear up and ultimately killed her. It is very serious when a rabbit’s digestion goes so seriously wrong and she just didn’t have sufficient will to live to pull through. Rabbits form very close bonds and losing their companion/s can have a profound effect such as in this case. It was grief that really killed her.