Minerva was a giant black doe who came to us in 2015 with her mother Maat as her owner was struggling to cope and because she was at risk from foxes. She was born in 2012/13.


She and her mother and then just her lived with Juniper. Towards the end of his life they lived in the barn because his mobility was too poor to cope with being outside. She seemed to regard him as her personal mattress and he certainly couldn’t have felt the cold with her draped over him. He became completely immobile  and distressed about it in February 2018 and we had to let him go.

Juniper was a hard act to follow but Minerva now has five companions. A mini lop buck, Mr Spice, a pair of wonderfully tolerant big black does, Sooty and Spice, a grumpy white Netherland Dwarf, Phyllis and little black and white Blue. They all got on well most of the time and really enjoy living in their big shed until.Blue became very dominant and Phyllis offended everybun. Then it reduced to a foursome with whom Minerva slent the rest of her life.

In spring 2019 Minerva was feeling her age and starting to struggle with mobility and was losing weight rapidly and also one of companions develooan ulcerated wound that had to be kept dry in order for it to heal so we moved them into one of the pigesheds with a covered run. Minerva got restless so we began to let her out to run with the other two giants in the main area.

She loved this and she loved Clyde although she was a bit wary of Kiki. Later when Sweep’s foot healed the kthers joined her out in the garden although we couldn’t let Mr Spice out at the same time as the guants as he got all ninja bunny histerical and kept attacking Clyde much to Clyde’s bemusement.  Minerva’s weight stabilised and she was very happy but time caught up with her and she died in August 2019. I am so happy to have been able to give her that summer of freedom but will miss her badly.