Magic is a black buck with one ear up and one down. He can has weepy eyes probably from the roots of his teeth growing into his tear ducts. He was born is roughly 2009. He has come to us because his owner has moved and has nowhere for him or two of her other rabbits either. He had been umwanted before she took him in two years ago. Too many rabbits get passed around like this from home to home, never getting what they need:( We have bonded him with another of the rabbits that came with him, and they are living in a stable for now. They got on right away despite being unneutered. Sadly after neutering his friend developed a heart condition and died. I now wish I had left them unneutered as they were happy together, but he appeared healthy and it is such a risk having unneutered bucks about as many of the does have not been spayed.

Magic then lived very happily with Beryl. He transformed her from an unhappy lonely doe to a sleek happy girl so that was some compensation for a while but he outlived her too. Now he lives with Dahlia in one of the big enclosures.