Lavender, with us from 2015-20

Lavender is a large half lopped white doe with grey points. She was a stray and came to us in appalling condition with her ears caked in pus from infections inside them, her body just skin stretched over a skeleton, one of the thinnest rabbits we have ever taken in. Within a couple of days her ears were healing and she was putting on weight. She loves her run and is lively and active and eats and eats and eats and digs and digs and digs. When she first arrived she put on over a kilogram in a month and has the most gorgeous coat and mane. She was stunning, so diferent from the emaciated starving tattered diseased waif we took in. Unfortunately at one point she developed severe gut problems and diarrhoea and we nearly lost her again. She lost a lot of weight and was not quite right for ages. We were worried about how attracted the flies would be to her in the warmer weather but she recovered and became fat and healthy again.

She lived with Aniseed for ages and then was rebonded to Oleander after Aniseed died. She was a fidget and is constantly busy digging and pushing the soil about. She developed an extensive warren and we fought a constant battle with her to keep the access to her hutch from being buried so we could open the gate.

She was with Olly for a long time and as he got older they had to move from the run with all her tunnels to one where we could keep a close eye on him. After Olly  died  she was rebonded with Corinth who is one of the New Zealand Whites. They got on splendidly and they were back in her old run and she is resurrected her old tunnel network that had been neglected by the previous set of occupants and she initiated Corinth into the science of excavation. In only a few days they dug deep enough to reach the clay underlayer and turn themselves orange.

Sadly this spring there was a recurrence of her gut problem and thi time I was not able to return her to health. She lost weight rapidly despite still wanting to eat and we lost her at the beginning of  April.

Corinth is being rebonded with Nightshade, another bungineer, so he can continue his tunnelling with is new lovebun.